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​Specializing in Brazilian Waxing – Enjoy a $40 Brazilian from a Million $ View in White Rock BC. Close to South Surrey.


Jenna Lamont – Brazilian Waxing & Facial Specialist – Certified Esthetician with 12 years experience!
Nikki  Riederer – Brazilian Waxing & Facial Specialist- Certified Esthetician with 20 years experience!

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Exciting news!! As of March 15th we are NOW located at EAST BEACH, WHITE ROCK in a funky beach house!!!

You can enjoy your service beach side, and we will be bringing in some new faces and services!



Located on East Beach White Rock, BC
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​Brazilians… (No double dippin’!!)

A Brazilian wax requires removal of unwanted hair from the bikini, labia and bum area. There are several options to customize your own box such a thin landing strip or v shape may be more appealing to some, while others prefer the entire removal of hair, front and back! Most of us have tried to groom with the use of a razor only to left with tiny bumps and painful stubble sometimes within day! A Brazilian wax when hitting the tropics or even the hot tub is the only way!! The more often a Brazilian less hair grows back over  time and comes in much thinner. So what’s keeping you?

​The Goddess Process…

  1. Shower & lightly exfoliate at home.
  2. Trim hairs to 1/4inch (about size of a pencil eraser), no shorter for less tangle and discomfort. Allow at least a week and a half after last shaving..
  3. If highly sensitive a natural numbing cream can be added an hour before treatment. Pure’s Pharmacy cream takes minutes to kick in!
  4. Arrive calm and be ready for some fun chatting, thus taking your mind off your box! Remove panties to avoid wax drips.
  5. Now my job begins…. pre-depilatory gel of essential oils is applied to area.
  6. Baby powder (pure cornstarch) is placed on area to prevent any skin from lifting.
  7. A thin layer of temp controlled wax is applied with a wooden popsicle stick to a small section to begin.
  8. A medium cotton wax strip is pressed onto the warm wax with skin pulled tight before pulling.
  9. This process is repeated with a comfortable speed due to each clients tolerance leaving desired style.
  10. Once the front area and labia are complete, time to flip over and remove any hairs in the bum area.
  11. Witch hazel and/or Aloe is smoothed on to calm down any redness then voilà! You are done, almost…
  12. Allow at least 12 hours for the pores to close before sexual activity or hot tubs 0:-)
  13. I use pfb Vanish, a topical Roll-On  to prevent ingrown hair & skin irritation caused by waxing! $25



​Waxing Prices…

  • Brazilian 40 -Removal of all hair or a customized landing strip!
  • French Bikini 30-A much more tailored line and extra clean up inner thigh & outer bum area!
  • Bikini 25- Basic hair removal for a clean bikini line
  • Treasure Trail – Always FREE!
  • Lip 10
  • Brow Wax 12
  • Full Face 35
  • ​​ Lash Tint 20
  • Brow Tint 10
  • Underarms 10
  • Half Arm 25
  • Full Arm 35
  • ​Chest 20
  • ​Stomach 20
  • ​Half Back 15
  • ​Full Back 30
  • ​Full Booty 20
  • Half Leg 30
  • Full Leg 50
  • The Works (Brazilian, Full Arms, Legs, Back & Stomach) 170
  • Eye Brow Tint 10
  • Eye Lash Tint 20


  • Brow wax 10
  • Upper Back & Shoulders 40
  • Full back & Shoulders 60
  • Chest 30
  • Stomach 20

*Sorry guys we DON’T offer Manzilians!



Yonka (Paris) certified


 Petite Spa Facial

Express Facial  (30min)  $50

A fabulous add on to your body waxing appointment! Yonka’s express facial includes warm towels, scented with essential oils, a deep cleanse & exfoliation to remove residue makeup, oil & dirt.  And to finish off with a masque, toner, moisturizing lotion /UV protection! A perfect start to the day or evening!



 Hydralessence Facial

Yonka’s Hydrating Facial (60min)  $100

This high-performance facial quickly restores the skin’s balance, suppleness & softness.  Seaweed, fruit extracts & a refreshing masque make this an excellent treatment for dehydrated skin! A wonderful pick me up after sun exposure!  ​


Le Grand Classique Facial
Detoxifying & Relaxing Facial
(75min)  $120​Le Grand Classique is designed to detoxify & rebalance the complexion through skin analysis.  A customized treatment targeting your specific needs! Includes a thorough cleansing, two exfoliations, purifying extractions, an indulgent face, neck & decollete massage, customized masques, moisturing & UV protection.  Luxury at its finest!


Anti-Aging Glam Facial

Intensive Firming & Anti Wrinkle Facial (75min)  $140

As the dermis thins with age, collagen & elastin fibers proliferate less frequently resulting in firmness & volume loss & wrinkles. This treatment is designed to deliver unparalleled results with immediate & long term results! This facial will stimulate & energize the skins natural regeneration process & soften the appearance of deep lines! We all want to look our very best!


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